Dapsons International

Creator Community (UGC)

74% of people state that User-Generated Content highly impacts their purchasing decisions.

Have access to countless content types at your fingertips that are yours to own.

Our Creator Community enables brands to get more organic UGC on social—content that can be used across your media mix. Our curated team of talented creators provide brands with relatable and authentic UGC imagery. This allows real consumers in your target demographic to showcase your products through real use cases. Amplifying this authentic, customer-backed content builds credibility and authenticity with prospective customers.

  • Testimonials
  • Try-on videos
  • Recipes
  • Flat-lay photos
  • Lifestyle photos
  • Unboxings

How can Creator Community support your brand?

Brand Visibility

When people watch customer’s video testimonials about products, it gives them extra motivation to buy and try it for themselves.

Increase in Sales

Genuine word-of-mouth marketing through personalized photo & video content can be extremely influential and can result in brand loyalty as well as a boost in sales.

High Engagement

User-generated videos are fun, organic, and make people want to know more about the product like no other content on social media.

Cost Efficiency

Our creator community is an affordable option to gather real UGC content—content that can go further and make a bigger impact on social vs. a high-production value studio shoot.